Florida Buddhist Studies Roundtable

The first Florida Buddhist Studies Roundtable was held in 2012 at University of Florida. The forum was established for scholarly exchange and discussion of a broad range of themes and topics related to the academic study of Buddhism. Through informal presentations, it enables participating faculty and graduate students from different parts of Florida to share information about their current research and publications; it also serves as an opportunity for other interested parties to learn about recent developments and key trends in Buddhist studies. Professor Mario Poceski of University of Florida hosted the event. Professors Bryan Cuevas and Jimmy Yu of Florida State University, Michael Jerryson of Eckerd College, Mario D'Amato of Rollins College, and Richard Wang and Yumiko Hulvey of the University of Florida were all present. The grad students present were Cameron Bailey, Daniel Tuzzeo, Patrick Ley, Elizabeth Barra, and John Crow from Florida State University, and Venerable Dixuan and Kelsie Stewart from university of Florida.

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The second Florida Buddhist Studies Roundtable was held on Saturday, March 2, 2013 from 9am to 12 noon at 207 Dodd Hall in the Department of Religion. Professor Jimmy Yu is the host of this year's forum. Discussions will center around Professor Michael Jerryson's paper on trauma, "Prayer under Fire" and Venerable Dixuan's paper on "The Worship of Medicine Master Buddha in Medieval China." All those interested are welcome.


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