Undergraduate Courses

HUM 2937 Buddhism in Film
REL 2315 Religions of South Asia

REL 2350 Religions of East Asia 

REL 3358 Tibetan and Himalayan Religions
REL 3340 The Buddhist Tradition

REL 3345 Zen Buddhism
REL 4357 Classical Tibetan
REL 4359 Seminar: Special Topics in Asian Religions (topics vary)

Graduate Courses (*Course numbers repeat as topics vary by semester)

REL 5305 Buddhist Tantra
REL 5305 Death and Afterlife in Buddhist Cultures
REL 5305 Magic and the Supernatural in the Buddhist World
REL 5305 Pure Land Buddhism
REL 5305 Religions of Japan

REL 5319 Classical Chinese Religious Texts
REL 5354 Buddhist Biography/Autobiography
REL 5354 Buddhist Monasticism
REL 5354 Chinese Religions
REL 5354 Tibetan History and Historiography

REL 5356 Readings in Tibetan Religious Texts
REL 5906 Buddhism in America
REL 5906 Buddhist History
REL 5906 Buddhist Ritual
REL 5906 Religion and Medicine in China
REL 5906 Tibetan Bibliography
REL 5937 Advanced Literary Tibetan